Sunday, February 7, 2016

Our Symbol

There are just some things that were not meant to be added to, and as a web designer, I met my match when encountering this painting.

I came to Unity after years of it being suggested by my mom, who is very metaphysical, that I try the Unity faith.

My first drive to Windward Unity was a complete departure from the usual route I’d taken through an abandoned miilitary base to reach my former church.  The new scenery over the Ko’olau range was addicting, and when first I saw the painting I felt as if it captured the overall experience perfectly.

As a web designer, my work is all about ‘asthetics”, “color matching”, “web standards”, “branding”, etc.

This painting, on the other hand, was totally outside the computerized “digital” realm so often seen on mainstream media today. 

It is hand-created beauty with rich colors, subtleties, details and most importantly, bearing a visual “message” of peace in this place.  It spiritualizes Windward in a way which can’t be conveyed virtually. 

I tried earnestly to fuse the painting into the web design and I just couldn’t come up with anything that matched the medium or rhymed with the soul that brought this painting to life. After a week of researching and brainstorming on how, it finally dawned on me: This painting is not merely a background, it’s not just “one thing” to compliment “another thing”, there is nothing to add to it.

It is a statement in and of itself.

As such, I feel compelled to perpetuate this painting as a reminder to all that heaven is not so far away – it’s where you are, it’s what you observe in your surroundings (and it’s definately at Windward Unity! :) ) – – and what the artist conceived of in this painting, was hand-delivered as a gift to be remembered timelessly by all.

Thanks Barbara, for creating this beautiful painting!